New Features: Movie Organization

I will be adding a feature to Downsort that will allow it to place movies in a given directory once it is complete. Same as the TV shows you would point to the desired directory and all movies will be places into that directory – It will not rename the original directory name but retain the┬árelease┬áname.

I will post the link to a test version of the application here once it is ready for testing!

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3 comments on “New Features: Movie Organization
  1. Daniel says:

    Hi, just curious on the progress :)

    This app rocks!

    It’s good that you’ll add the option not to create the log files as well.

    • admin says:


      Unfortunately, I have been delayed due to work commitments – I will try and get a test build out as soon as possible

  2. Daniel says:

    No worries, don’t stress :)

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